No words are needed …


Peace Doves at Liverpool Cathedral by Peter Walker.

ART 716 Dissertation and Master’s Design Practice.

I managed to visit this show with my daughter Poppy, the installation created by Peter Walker sits in an Anglican Church, with 15.5 miles of ribbon and 18,000 paper doves suspended and a blue/ pink glow surround it, and the stain glass windows in the background .

This was very majestic and in the age of a pandemic brings optimism, hope and the community together and what better place for it to be held. Very atmospheric!

It did get me to think about how to showcase my work as the end of this MA which is now in sight and an interesting application of paper designs being displayed which has helped reflect on how my work with paper can interlink with the fabric composition. Light is also an aspect I will need to pay particular attention to in the final creation.

Perhaps we are all disappointed that the exhibition is in a digital format and the physical exhibition cannot be the showcase for all the work. I have the intention to set up something in my studio at home and allowing friends and neighbours near by to come along and visit.

British Library

I have never been to the British Library before! So I was thrilled that I had a chance to pop in before my train left to return home.

Issac Newton by Eduardo Paolozzi 1995

These small folded paper by female artists found in a corner of the British Library gallery caught my eye for inspiration to use in my own ideas.

Collect at Somerset House London

I was lucky enough to make it to London and visit The Collect show at Somerset House, An international Art Fair for Modern Craft and Design run by the Craft Council and in it’s 16th year.

Somerset House with it’s beautiful and elegant 18th century building in the centre of London what better way to showcase talented inspiring art from around the world!

The set up the gallery was really busy and so it was hard to get around, each Gallery had its own room. There was a lot of ceramic and ceramic.

It was all so inspirational and noticing that I was interested in shapes, forms and colour – I also picked up a couple of books about folding paper and fabric and feel that this could help me out on this module.

Then back to the Royal Academy to look at the Picasso for the 2rd time.